Shereo handmade mixed color rainbow Maraoon fashion little bear key chain+ pendant a pair

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Height of key chain/ big bear: 10cm/ 4" 

Height of pendant/ small bear: 6.5cm/ 2.5"

Might cause a small difference in size due to handmade


Made to order/ Takes about 1-2 days to make one pair

If you are a crochet lover/ fans, we will make a detailed video tutorial in the future to show how to make this cute small bear key chain and we will also provide the material bag for sale then. Just need to see how welcome this style is firstly.

Currently this is a finisher product for sale so you can just buy it for someone's birthday/holiday gift or for yourself to attend a party or for no reason because you just love it!

This finisher product will ship within one week( usually 3-5 days)
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